Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Laugh it Out Dearies!:)

If you no enjoy these pictures,  then the problems are really tough...pele dear

Happy Wednesday Cally peeps and my elders:) how is the week going? money no dey? abi that boy or girl broke your heart or na your nagging boss?? abeg forget am and ignore.

Life is too short to bear long grudges or feel sad over broken things, release the tension with this photos...!
  • Laugh with tears
  • Pray
  • Eat more
  • Love with your head
  • Try and forgive (I know it's not easy especially with that friend that backstabbs you anyhow!)
  • Share your problem (African proverb say a problem shared is half solved! it works for me!)
  • scroll down for the pictures and enjoy...:)))

Looks by Hilda(1)
haha! na me be this!!lol!
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Phemmy G

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