Monday, 1 September 2014

Hello Cally!!!

Thanks for taking out time to click this link....let's get down to basic introductions*winks*
  • So who says Cally peeps are not current?
  • Or that we are only known for good food and ?
  • Or we are all in the village? (Like they don't have one!)
  • Or we don't have a movie industry ( we?)
  • blah blah blah........*coughs*
This is one of the many reasons I started this keep us updated:)

                3 things to know about Moi
  • I love blogging and this happens to be my 5th or 6th blog (lol!)
  • am unemployed *hides face* so I will therefore be entertaining you with this blog;)
  • I love cakes(Red velvet no.1)!

  • ....did I say 3?!lol;)....................
No.4:).... I happen to have a huge crush as in crazy crush on Majid Michel (Is he married? please don't judge a sister mbok!lolz!*-*)                                                      
Sisters mbok na lie I talk? hehe

This blog is mainly for those who stay in Calabar or just love Calabar because when I give away gifts to lucky will be for those around like movie tickets and all but the recharge cards will be for anyone anywhere and with time we can spread out from Calabar to other cities...


This is also for those who love and appreciate Cross-River which still remains the number one safest city (bad eyes abeg no see this mbok!)

We are therefore accepting any write-ups from all of you to our email -

  • If you want us to put up your photos or if you want to compete to be blog reader of the week (loyalty and fashion wise)
  • If you want to advertise your meetings, programmes, business, shows etc for free
  • If you have a news happening in your area, you can snap or gist us and send..:)
  • If you have Job vacancies or your looking for a job:)...who knows?
  • If you have wedding pictures, love stories, funny pictures, birthday, miracles,your relationship(dating) or marriage anniversary- we will feature you on our blog!:)
  • Et cetera et cetera.....
In essence....this blog is OURS! Be you in Calabar, Lagos, Abj, Abroad (UK, Oyibo dem Diaspora...*-*

  • This blog is a personal thing so sometimes I'm gonna share 'my stuff'' out there so when you see me on the road and're on your own oh...lolzzz
    NOW...Let's make this happen people!    

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Welcome once more:)