Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Calabar peeps abeg who has noticed what am noticing? Cab men now want to make faster money oh! And yes I added women because recently I noticed we are not carrying last in this business too. I saw a woman doing this job and great kudos to her mbok!

So back to my experience I had today;  If you are going to stadium from RCC, they will not carry you because it is only N50 you will pay for that ‘far distance’ according to them ,  so you know what they will do? They will prefer to carry someone from that stadium to Mobil for N50 and another person from that Mobil to RCC for another N50 making it N100!

I know it is business strategy but make them pity person small sha because today I stand till my feet pain me and not even one uncle could stop and carry me small-_- 

Abeg feel free to drop and share your own experience *Much love* muah!!!

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