Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Attend one day CBN seminar at Transcorp Calabar and get paid:)

So CBN is organizing a grassroot event in Calabar.....There will be tea break...lunch and Co. ...and after the event u will show this ticket and get paid.

I had already given some people I know but I kept this one for any lucky blog reader who is interested. ...but if I no find...will give it to others so please indicate if you will love to*_*

Sosong O:)

SiSi Cal

Monday, 22 September 2014

PICTURES Of the Man who was Made the Best Father In the World:)

The man by name - Dave Engledow has a great sense of humor...I guess he is a comedian but from these photos you will see how he  adores his daughter in the "opposite way":). He created this fun photo shoot which was strictly for him and his daughter:)but his wife managed to enter one shaa..lol...

Beautiful Pre-Wedding Photos of A Dear Friend:)*

Dear SCB readers get in here oh! because my friend is getting married before the year runs out and am so happy she agreed to share their beautiful pre-wedding photos with us:)! and you know I like jara naa...so am not only going to share their photos but the romantic story of how the met*winks*

So the lovely thing about these two is that they met on BBM (who says social media is not a perfect matchmaker?! lol) and the other lovely thing is that  we also met via BBM and have been in touch for about three years now!*_*

God bless your union darling! You two are just too perfect for each other! I so tap into this anointing!*kisses*!

SiSi  Calabar :)*


New Yam Festival and Photos From Leboku Festival

 So I guess most of us travelled for our New Yam festival?...even me that did not near my village still got this size of yam I have never encountered since birth! I kept on asking myself - So Yams like this still do exist!?? My mum and I just kept thanking my uncle profusely and even did a little dance! lol
Meanwhile below are pictures from the most popular festival in Calabar which may even become the head festival of Nigeria (LEBOKU)

TOP 9 LIES LADIES TELL... true? lol

It is often said (by women) that men lie profusely. So much, that some opine that the devil has become green with envy. I admit, for once, the women are right. Men lie; a whole lot. In fact a fellow writer wrote a detailed list of the lies men tell. 

 However, I put it to the girls/women that though men may lie in quantity, girls/women lie in quality. The kind of lies girls/women have told over the ages have crumbled booming empires, pitched fathers against son Without further ado, here are the top 9 lies girls/women tell…

**ermmm...u know am a lady right so I can't say this against  'us'..lol...This was written by a guy by name Mike Freesoul but my own opnion will be in blue writing....so let the war start:)!*

Friday, 19 September 2014

Culture Centre host Medical Induction For UNICAL graduates *See Photos*

Is it easy to read medicine for over 6 years? naa...especially in a school where strike is common not stable.
My cuz is on green and black:)

Anyways congrats to my cousin and other inductees;) even though there was no space for me to sit sha and since I am not that tall, I had to lobby around for sometime to take pictures of the event for you guys.

So hopefully you will read and enjoy the pics :)


More photos below... 

My Best Wedding Photos For Now :)....Enjoy!

The couple took part in a competition organised by WED expo that saw them progress with other couples in the competition  to finally winning a N15million Naira dream wedding  and spending their honeymoon in the best hotel in Dubai - the Burj Al Arab Hotel :)(I tap into this blessing oh! haaaa! them no even spend money! kai!)

See photos  from Sisi Yemmie's honeymoon with her boo below *winks*

BN Aso Ebi Fashion Styles:)

For the those who are not familiar with this, an #AsoEbiBella is a wedding guest {bella} looking stunning in aso-ebi – the fabric/colours of the day, at a traditional engagement or wedding. Such as the photo above.
How To Submit
  • If you’re on Instagram, hash tag your wedding guest photo #asoebibella for your picture to appear in their  next edition which is now weekly OR you e-mail the photo to asoebibella@gmail.com, and include your name in the email!
If your Instagram page is private, you don’t have an account or you just want to e-mail them instead, send your aso ebi photos to asoebibella@gmail.com !
Thank me later when your photo is picked;)...I don't think am ready to participate in this though because am not the aso-ebi type like that, I just wear it to support whoever is getting married but it is something worth trying for those who want to participate:). .All the best!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Photos on Pre-wedding sessions * Yes we LOVE it! *

This season, many people are getting married and I have just counted like 4 weddings I have to attend before this year runs out *sighs*!

Anyways I go try attend so that God go follow do my own oh! *Mr. right please do and propose mbok-_-*

So am featuring three different couples pre-wedding photos in this post, so please pick which one you prefer:)

                                              COUPLE ONE
 Shamsiya and Abubakar - They had their shoot at about 6:40am at the Elegushi beach front in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria and  proceeded from there to The VGC Gardens for the military style shoot.

Fashion * Pick Your Favourite English Outfits*

Dear Guys don't worry,  as our blog continues to grow, I will take out time and screen correct outfits so that you can also 'tiff' some styles and sew..lol!

......And like my cousin will say "Looking Good Is Good Business'' *winks*

Feed your eyes wella;)!

Fashion * Pick Your Favourite Ankara Outfits*

I love ankara because you can just manipulate it to any style of your choice, I just wish I knew how to sew because most tailors price for sewing your clothes no be here oh!

Anyways enjoy the photos and pick your favourite:)


20 Facts About the Current Carnival Calabar Queen - Nancy-Olive Aisagbonhi

Our beautiful Carnival Queen  was nominated to do the '20 Facts About Me Challenge' and this is what she said about herself:)

*Don't forget I'm ready to sponsor anyone who wants to participate this year with the form or registration fees (Click on this red link to see it)*

  • Back to her facts....

1) I love God and he and I have a special relationship. 

2) I'm a very shy person. 

3) My favourite color was red, then pink and back to red. 

4) I love to sing and I think I have a decent voice 

5) I have an awesome sense of humor. I surprise myself sometimes. 

Where is Your favourite hangout spot? Marina? Tinapa? Mama Ekaette Joint?lol!

Well mine is Marina Resort  and I think it should take the first position. 

For me Tinapa is just over-rated sha but feel free to tell me yours at least let us know all those coded hangouts in Cally Town;)
The Island
Movie House
Car Park

Mma Giwa and her soon to be “Mrs” Daughter – Koko Giwa on Mag Cover

Mother and Daughter...Lovely!

Koko did her traditional marriage last week in Calabar and will be doing her white in Lagos nest week. Big congrats to her!

I remember when we were little, we use to run to the mother's house because it was never a dull moment during Christmas and I heard that the invitation came with free aso ebi...ahhnn! nice!

Koko Giwa & Fiance

Koko on her birthday ( I love & Love this cake!!*-*)
...And Koko is now a "Mrs!"...Huge congrats to her:)))...see a photo below of her and the husband at the white wedding...

Happy Birthday to the best Nigerian Musician alive! Hands down!:)

Today I just had a not so nice day…from this our calabar rain beating me while I was doing leggediz Benz to a Cab man splashing me water from my chest downwards to the legs! Anyways better go come one day abi naa?
See that smile! common! that can make any lady trip*-*

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

My Private Photo *covers face*

So I've decided to share one of my personal pic after much consideration this morning so that you guys could know me better:)

I am actually a shy type (which am working on though) but I have many un-shy friends:))) (Is there a word like that sef?). Anyways,  this pic was taken at one of my besties birthday party which took place recently  near RCC.

I would have added my girlfriends own which we all took together (about 5 of us...)because it was actually a swimming pool party. But I don't want to invade on their privacy without taking permission (yes I love them that much!)

So please manage mine:) and with time when am not that shy anymore....I'll put up more*-*

Feed your eyes modestly! LOL!

So here are the list of my favourite things but National and International...

Laugh it Out Dearies!:)

If you no enjoy these pictures,  then the problems are really tough...pele dear

Happy Wednesday Cally peeps and my elders:)...so how is the week going? money no dey? abi that boy or girl broke your heart or na your nagging boss?? abeg forget am and ignore.

Life is too short to bear long grudges or feel sad over broken things, release the tension with this photos...!
  • Laugh with tears
  • Pray
  • Eat more
  • Love with your head
  • Try and forgive (I know it's not easy especially with that friend that backstabbs you anyhow!)
  • Share your problem (African proverb say a problem shared is half solved! it works for me!)
  • .....now scroll down for the pictures and enjoy...:)))

SiSi Calabar Sponsors Potential CARNIVAL QUEEN

Yes oh! Let me start saying this now for the lucky people who will see this*-*

If you know you want to participate in this years’ Miss Carnival Queen competition, I will pay the form or registration fees for the person because last year on my other blog I advertised but no one showed interest.

So if you think you are a Queen product or you have someone who will love to participate, comment on this post and tell us the reason why you should be picked and get ready for me to publish your pictures and profile so that people will get to see you and root for you.

All the best future Miss CCQ;)


Calabar peeps abeg who has noticed what am noticing? Cab men now want to make faster money oh! And yes I added women because recently I noticed we are not carrying last in this business too. I saw a woman doing this job and great kudos to her mbok!

So back to my experience I had today;  If you are going to stadium from RCC, they will not carry you because it is only N50 you will pay for that ‘far distance’ according to them ,  so you know what they will do? They will prefer to carry someone from that stadium to Mobil for N50 and another person from that Mobil to RCC for another N50 making it N100!

I know it is business strategy but make them pity person small sha because today I stand till my feet pain me and not even one uncle could stop and carry me small-_- 

Abeg feel free to drop and share your own experience *Much love* muah!!!

UNICAL And Mr. FANS Relationship:)

So today I went to Mr. Fans near University of Calabar (UNICAL) and as usual I was taking note of my environment (yes naaa…who know if one handsome single rich bobo dey dere? Haha) but everyone in the restaurant had a partner except me sha..lol!

Anyways that is not what am lamenting about…..the main koko is that the partners were of opposite sex (boy and girl, lady and guy, man and woman…u get abi?) and I guess half of them were from UNICAL*-*

I know it is a restaurant sha but it looked more like a hangout spot:)!*

So dear students and people who take their ‘friends’ there…lol….my question be say - wunna dey go there to really chop or to hide wunna man or woman from your friends?

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A Black Baby Girl Was also given birth to by white parents

The circulated news on almost all blogs is how a black lady and a white man had a completely 'white baby' boy  that is not half-caste like it is meant to be which is rare. See their photo below...

 But what you may not know is that this is not the first time this has happened and if you have patience to read long posts, I have have gathered some articles regarding the tragic story of a black girl who was born to both white parents and this brought problems to her two white brothers and her parents.

Read full story below with her picture too......

Funny Photos *Laugh even if you don't want to*lol!

Since this is a new blog, Lemme make you guys feel welcomed before I start wella*winks*

Scroll down for more...

Monday, 1 September 2014

Hello Cally!!!

Thanks for taking out time to click this link....let's get down to basic introductions*winks*
  • So who says Cally peeps are not current?
  • Or that we are only known for good food and ?
  • Or we are all in the village? (Like they don't have one too...lol!)
  • Or we don't have a movie industry (ermm...do we?)
  • blah blah blah........*coughs*
This is one of the many reasons I started this blog...to keep us updated:)

                3 things to know about Moi
  • I love blogging and this happens to be my 5th or 6th blog (lol!)
  • am unemployed *hides face* so I will therefore be entertaining you with this blog;)
  • I love cakes(Red velvet no.1)!

  • ....did I say 3?!lol;)....................
No.4:).... I happen to have a huge crush as in crazy crush on Majid Michel (Is he married? please don't judge a sister mbok!lolz!*-*)                                                      
Sisters mbok na lie I talk? hehe

This blog is mainly for those who stay in Calabar or just love Calabar because when I give away gifts to lucky readers...it will be for those around like movie tickets and all but the recharge cards will be for anyone anywhere and with time we can spread out from Calabar to other cities...


This is also for those who love and appreciate Cross-River which still remains the number one safest city (bad eyes abeg no see this mbok!)

We are therefore accepting any write-ups from all of you to our email - sisicalabar@gmail.com

  • If you want us to put up your photos or if you want to compete to be blog reader of the week (loyalty and fashion wise)
  • If you want to advertise your meetings, programmes, business, shows etc for free
  • If you have a news happening in your area, you can snap or gist us and send..:)
  • If you have Job vacancies or your looking for a job:)...who knows?
  • If you have wedding pictures, love stories, funny pictures, birthday, miracles,your relationship(dating) or marriage anniversary- we will feature you on our blog!:)
  • Et cetera et cetera.....
In essence....this blog is OURS! Be you in Calabar, Lagos, Abj, Abroad (UK, Oyibo dem dem..lol)- Diaspora...*-*

  • This blog is a personal thing so sometimes I'm gonna share 'my stuff'' out there so when you see me on the road and judge...you're on your own oh...lolzzz
    NOW...Let's make this happen people!