Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Missed me:)?


       Coming back in full gear soon :)...missed you guys:)

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Attend one day CBN seminar at Transcorp Calabar and get paid:)

So CBN is organizing a grassroot event in Calabar.....There will be tea break...lunch and Co. ...and after the event u will show this ticket and get paid.

I had already given some people I know but I kept this one for any lucky blog reader who is interested. ...but if I no find...will give it to others so please indicate if you will love to*_*

Sosong O:)

SiSi Cal

Monday, 22 September 2014

PICTURES Of the Man who was Made the Best Father In the World:)

The man by name - Dave Engledow has a great sense of humor...I guess he is a comedian but from these photos you will see how he  adores his daughter in the "opposite way":). He created this fun photo shoot which was strictly for him and his daughter:)but his wife managed to enter one shaa..lol...

Beautiful Pre-Wedding Photos of A Dear Friend:)*

Dear SCB readers get in here oh! because my friend is getting married before the year runs out and am so happy she agreed to share their beautiful pre-wedding photos with us:)! and you know I like jara naa...so am not only going to share their photos but the romantic story of how the met*winks*

So the lovely thing about these two is that they met on BBM (who says social media is not a perfect matchmaker?! lol) and the other lovely thing is that  we also met via BBM and have been in touch for about three years now!*_*

God bless your union darling! You two are just too perfect for each other! I so tap into this anointing!*kisses*!

SiSi  Calabar :)*


New Yam Festival and Photos From Leboku Festival

 So I guess most of us travelled for our New Yam festival?...even me that did not near my village still got this size of yam I have never encountered since birth! I kept on asking myself - So Yams like this still do exist!?? My mum and I just kept thanking my uncle profusely and even did a little dance! lol
Meanwhile below are pictures from the most popular festival in Calabar which may even become the head festival of Nigeria (LEBOKU)

TOP 9 LIES LADIES TELL... true? lol

It is often said (by women) that men lie profusely. So much, that some opine that the devil has become green with envy. I admit, for once, the women are right. Men lie; a whole lot. In fact a fellow writer wrote a detailed list of the lies men tell. 

 However, I put it to the girls/women that though men may lie in quantity, girls/women lie in quality. The kind of lies girls/women have told over the ages have crumbled booming empires, pitched fathers against son Without further ado, here are the top 9 lies girls/women tell…

**ermmm...u know am a lady right so I can't say this against  'us'..lol...This was written by a guy by name Mike Freesoul but my own opnion will be in blue writing....so let the war start:)!*